Stillwater instructors are all accomplished, working professional musicians who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their classes. Stillwater's instructors engage students in the fun aspects of music, bringing in music theory and other technical aspects in the context of learning to play tunes in a band.

Steve Dejka

Private lessons for drum kit, marimba, vibraphone, steel drums and Afro-Caribbean percussion

Steve Dejka, Stillwater’s Music Director, is a professional percussionist with over 25 years of experience playing in bands that span many musical genres including rock, blues, jazz, country, reggae, pop, fusion and Latin. Steve has been with Stillwater since its inception and Stillwater's core philosophy was developed around Steve's unique, hands-on teaching style that centers on playing music first rather than emphasizing music reading and theory up front. Steve is a master at adapting his teaching style to each individual student's personality and he exudes compassion while instilling a strong work ethic and the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Steve also has lots of great "real world" stories that help students understand how playing music in a group setting directly correlates to many aspects of life in general.

Evan Suiter
Private lessons for acoustic/electric bass, acoustic/electric guitar, piano, music theory and improvisation
Evan received his degree in Music Education from Fort Lewis College in 2008. During his time there he studied bass, low brass, and voice.  Evan can be seen in the Four Corners area frequently playing with both large and small groups, demonstrating styles such as jazz, Latin, funk, country, and contemporary pop/rock.

Evan is also student of Victor Wooten, longtime bass player for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Evan is a regular volunteer staff member at Victor Wooten’s Music/Nature Camp near Nashville, TN.

Jeroen van Tyn
Private lessons for strings, voice, music theory and Afro-Caribbean percussion
Jeroen van Tyn, Stillwater’s Executive Director, has performed professionally in a range of musical styles including classical, jazz, Latin jazz, Andean folkloric and traditional Afro-Cuban as well as Balkan, klezmer and contemporary folk. He studied music at Berklee College of Music, Cornish College of the Arts and Naropa University.

Prior to joining Stillwater, Jeroen was a business technology consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies. He and his wife, dancer and choreographer Anne Bartlett, are directors and founding members of 20Moons, a Durango-based dance theatre company. Their kids Jem, Naima and Teo are all active in the Stillwater music program.

Mark Rosenberg
Private lessons for drums, bass, guitar, piano

Mark Rosenberg has worked the past 17 years in the Durango and four corners area as a teacher and professional musician.  Regionally he has performed with the San Juan Symphony, Music in the Mountains Festival Symphony, Kisma Brass Band, Durango Arts Center, Merely Players and most recently with the Pete Giuliani Band.

Mark spent 15 years as a music educator in District 9R and served on the Music in the Mountains Conservatory Faculty for 7 years.

Prior to coming to Durango Mark taught in Telluride, Colorado.  In addition to teaching in Telluride, he performed with the Telluride Choral Society, the Telluride Repertory Theatre Company and served as the production manager for the Telluride Jazz Festival.

Mark is looking forward to working with Stillwater and sharing his enthusiasm, experience and expertise with students. 


Bailey Barnes-Fagg
Private lessons for voice & ukulele
Bailey graduated from UNC Greeley with her B.A. in Music Education in 2010. Since 2014, she has been teaching K-5 general music and orchestra at Animas Valley Elementary. Bailey serves as a board member for the Four Corners Chapter American Orff Association and as a member of the Durango9R Arts Curriculum Council. She is a member of the Durango Choral Society, and is a singer in The DurangaTones, Stillwaters adult a cappella vocal group. She spent two summers touring Europe as a chorus member with the German opera company, Opera Classica Europa.

Ryan McCurry
Private lessons for piano, keyboards, music theory
and improvisation
As a performer, Ryan has established himself as a unique and indispensable addition to the local music community. In the past, he has played in jazz combos, big bands, experimental/improv groups, and even a 7-piece salsa band. He is often called upon as a contract musician for touring bands or for studio work, and occasionally runs sound for other bands. Besides his easy-going nature, one of the main reasons he is so highly regarded amongst local musicians is because of his ability to play a large variety of genres with ease. He is adept at playing jazz, latin, classical, funk, electronica, reggae, rock n roll, blues, country, and swing.


Clay Lowder

Private Lessons for drums and percussion
Clay has been involved with music his entire life, performing with a myriad of artists and musicians, teaching drums and percussion, working as a songwriter, session player, recording engineer, and band leader in California, New Mexico, and now Colorado. For many years he has combined his physical therapy skills with music to teach exercise classes using music and rhythm to school kids in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. He lives by his mantra – “ never stop a good groove.”


Sheryl Jones
Private lessons for voice & piano

Sheryl Jones holds a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Texas State University. Major areas of study include voice, conducting and piano. She has taught at the college, high school and middle school levels and also has extensive singing and recording experience in a variety of bands and musical genres including classical, jazz fusion, funk, rock, blues, pop, country and swing.


Sheryl recently relocated to Durango from Austin, Texas. She directs the DurangaTones, Stillwater’s adult a cappella vocal group, has performed with the Durango Choral Society and is currently a singer in the Durango-based country/swing band, Will Cooter Gang.


Robby Overfield

Private lessons for vocals, guitar and songwriting



Robby Overfield is a regional singer/songwriter based in Durango, CO with instructional emphasis on vocals, songwriting, and guitar. Robby has been involved in teaching sports and music in the Durango area since 2006 and began teaching at Stillwater in 2010. He is also the frontman for Robby Overfield & the Breaks, who have been touring in the Southwest since 2009.