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Music for every age, every ability, every life

The Stillwater Music Program was created by music director Steve Dejka, renowned Durango music educator & professionadrummer. Led by a staff of talented music professionals, Stillwater Music offers musicians of all ages the opportunity to learn and play original arrangements of varying music on traditional and non-traditional instruments. Participants receive group instruction as well as the opportunity to perform with one of the many ensembles at private and public events throughout the Four Corners and beyond. Stillwater welcomes students of all abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. 


Summer Youth Program

Stillwater's flagship youth music program offers introductory, beginning, intermediate and advanced level classes for all kids ages 6-18. Students will be placed in an appropriate group based on ability, maturity and availability of positions. Our classes often have a wide age group of students. All students have the opportunity to advance into higher level classes/groups at the directors discretion. The focus of our group classes is to develop individual students to become better musicians. At the instructor's discretion, a student may be moved to a different class section in order to provide a constantly challenging music environment for all students. Stillwater offers youth classes in conjunction with District 9-R early release Mondays .



Stillwater has a long tradition of offering classes for adults. Maybe you’re picking up your instrument again after having it stashed in the attic for years, or you’ve been playing at the kitchen table and want to try being in a band, or you’ve been getting together with friends but need some structure and focus to actually get out there and play. Whatever the case, there is a place for you at Stillwater. Our adult groups all perform regularly throughout the Four Corners area. Join us and share the music!

Community Music Program


Stillwater has expended its youth and adult offerings with a number of Community Classes. These classes are an opportunity for youth and adults to learn and play music together in a relaxed and fun environment. Although not required, we encourage kids and adults to enroll together (i.e. child and parent, child and family member or friend) in order to foster the community spirit of these classes. Community classes are listed on both the Youth Music Program and Adult Program pages.


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